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DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
DCC Components for Other Systems
T2400E OPS Wireless Throttle
Simple Operation in a Sleek Case
This T2400E/T2600E throttle is designed for simple and easy operation. The rugged design is perfect for youngsters and guests. It is compatible with both version 4 and version 6 of the EasyDCC System as well as Lenz systems. It features a new LCD graphics display with a free backlight.

Sleek Comfortable Case
The classic tall skinny case has been specially designed for hours of operation. It is designed to fit the smaller hands of younger operators whether they be right or left handed. Add in the large knob and the graphical display and the OPS throttle is sure to be a hit with your operators. The case measures 1 inch thick, 6 inches tall and 2 inches wide.

Big Bright Display
With a free backlight included, the large graphical display makes the T2400E/T2600E exceptionally easy to use - day or night. The active locomotive number is always shown along with its speed and direction. When not needed, the backlight can be turned off to extend the battery life with a push of the LIGHT key.

Simple To Learn - Easier To Use
The OPS throttle uses simple keystrokes to run the locomotive. Just push the green ENT key, followed by the locomotive number, then conclude with the green ENT key and drive away. The active locomotive number is shown in the display.

Handy SWAP Key
Switching back and forth between two different locomotives is simple. Just push the swap key. The active locomotive number is put into the swap memory and the stored locomotive number is made active. Push the swap key to change back to the previous locomotive number.

Built-In Rechargeable Battery
A self-contained rechargeable battery saves you money. No need to spend money on expensive alkaline batteries. The large capacity battery provides more than 45 hours of continuous operation. An automatic power off feature shuts off the throttle after 15 minutes of non-use.

Flexible Charging Options
You can purchase the T2400E/T2600E throttle with or without the charger and charging cable. Almost any USB charger can recharge the built-in battery. You can use the USB port in your car or, if you plan to have many OPS throttles, consider getting a USB multi-port charging hub from your favorite computer store or from an online supplier. These are inexpensive and readily available. The recharging cable is a USB-to-microUSB adapter cable and it too is readily available.

Rugged Classic Speed Control Knob
A conventional single turn speed control offers smooth yet precise control of your locomotive's speed.

Hidden Setup Command Menu
Setup commands for the Radio Frequency, ID number and several other critical items are hidden from your operators. Only a special key sequence will allow access to the setup commands. A helpful feature is having the standard locomotive screen always showing the assigned frequency and ID number.

Part#       Description
T2400EC.....T2400E for Lenz includes charger and cable
T2400EX.....T2400E for Lenz without charger and cable
Usb2micro...USB to microUSB charging cable

Download the T2400E user guide for complete details.
CVP's EasyDCC T2300E Wireless Throttle is NEW CVP's EasyDCC T2400E/2600E Wireless Throttle CVP's EasyDCC T2300E Wireless Throttle
CVP's T2400E Wireless Throttle for Other Systems
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