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We Service What We Sell
Here's How To Obtain Service Should It Be Needed
  NOTE: CVP does not repair used or 2nd hand equipment. Items purchased from estate sales, friends and ebay are all considered 2nd hand. Repair services are reserved for the original owners. There are no exceptions.

Always Email
Should you accidentally damage something or can't seem to get it to work, we can usually fix it for a nominal charge. But, before you send anything, please call us first. In many cases, we can fix the issue over the phone and save you the cost and hassle of shipping. If we decide you must send us an item, please follow the steps below. Not following these steps will result in delays or damage.

Obtaining an RMA
If we can't fix your problem or piece of equipment and it needs to come to us for repair, please call or email and request a return-material-authorization (RMA) number. An RMA can be obtained via email or phone. But, you must have an RMA before sending anything to CVP. Items arriving without an RMA will be refused and returned to you unopened. As shown in the label examples below, the RMA can be included in the address or written on the outside of the package.

Print and Fill Out the Repair Submission Form
CVP Products - Repair Information Worksheet Click on this red box (REPAIR FORM) to download the repair form. Print the form and fill it out completely. Please print clearly. Do not forget to include this completed form along with your item to be repaired. An incomplete form will delay your repair.

Preparing Equipment For Return To CVP
     Disconnect and remove all power supplies, batteries, cords, cables, and batteries from the T6000 throttle. Do not remove the T1300 battery.

     Remove the beltclip from the T6000 battery.

     Remove all lanyards from all throttles.

For All AirWire Decoders and CONVRTRs
     Remove any wires you may have soldered to the board. All Drop-In decoders must have their original pigtailed connectors and cables attached.

     Completely Remove All Foam Tape from bottom and top of decoders and CONVRTRs. If this tape is present, the unit cannot be repaired and it will not fit into our test equipment.

Special Setup When Sending EasyDCC Command Stations
1. Remove the knobs, felt washers and the 4 screws holding the board to the metal face plate. Don't send these. Send only the board. No need to pay to ship 2 pounds of metal back and forth.
2. For older EasyDCC Command Stations with an AAA battery pack, remove the batteries.
3. For newer EasyDCC Command Stations that use coin cells, they can remain in the socket.

Packaging and Shipping
Wrap the items in bubble wrap packaging or other suitable cushioning material. Pack in a sturdy box that will withstand the round trip.




Enclose a Note With The Problem
You must enclose a note describing the problem. The person on the phone is not who will be repairing the product. Create a short summary of the problem and enclose it in the box along with the equipment. If you exchanged emails with CVP, include those. The more information we get, the faster the repair. Neglecting to include this information will delay repairs and increase the repair cost.

Enclose Credit Card Information
Finally, please include a Visa/Mastercard number to cover the repair charges. Here's the information we need:
        Name on card
        Number separated into 4 groups of 4
        Expiration date
        CV number on the back (3 digits)
        Billing Zipcode if different than return mailing address.

Physical Address for Fedex, DHL, UPS and USPS Parcels to CVP
Do not request signature service upon delivery. Please use the label format shown below. Be sure to insure your package for the full replacement value. CVP Products is not liable for lost or stolen inbound packages. Make all loss claims with the appropriate shipping company.

CVP Products
RMA ___________
put your number here to insure acceptance of the package
1784 Firman Drive
Richardson, TX 75081

Repairs are done on a first come, first served basis. Please allow 3-6 weeks for the repair and return shipping. If we discover the item is not repairable (usually due to circuit board damage from leaky batteries) we will contact you.

Unclaimed Equipment Returned For Repair
On occasion, we receive equipment for repair (typically used equipment not purchased directly from CVP) that does not have an RMA. In most cases, it doesn't have payment information. In a few cases, there is no return address or other contact information. If possible, we will attempt to contact you to obtain the missing information before any repair takes place. However, if we can't contact you, or we don't hear from you within 120 days, the equipment will be declared "abandoned and unclaimed." Abandoned and unclaimed equipment is subject to parts salvage or it may be discarded. Always follow the return procedure to prevent this from happening. Make sure to print legibly when providing contact information. CVP is not liable for any equipment that is unclaimed after 120 days.

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